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Jellyfish Lamp

Jellyfish Lamp

Jellyfish Lamp

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Introducing the Jellyfish lamp

You no longer have to spend your time sitting in a boring, dull looking bedroom or office. Spice up the feel of your environment with this awesome, realistic felly fish Lamp! It grabs the attention of anyone who sets their eyes on it. 

Engulf your space in a luminous, underwater aura with the flick of a switch. Dispersing light from 6 LEDs, the Jellyfish dance in the spotlight with life-like motions. Fast and easy setup allows you to transform your room/office/bathroom in minutes. From your child’s nightlight, to your prized desk decoration, the Jellyfish Lamp not only sets the mood, but also embellishes your area with aquatic life.

Mesmerizing lifelike Jellyfish with realistic movements, be fascinated as these two neon dotted jellyfish swim majestically around their tank

The colors can be randomly set that with each glance the colors have changed providing a new delight to the eyes and senses

Perfect for office or home as lighting and fish create a soothing peaceful environment

Save yourself spending hundreds of dollars on improving the feel of your living areas. Now you can do all this with this one lamp! Surprise your friends or family members with the gift of good positive energy and calmness. 


  • Fill the jellyfish tank with water, leaving about 2-3 fingers of space unfilled at the top
  • Mix 3-4 drops of dish soap or detergent into the water for a realistic effect
  • Put the Jellyfish into the water upside ensuring that no air bubbles get stuck inside forcing the jellyfish to float at the top of the tank. Otherwise, squeeze the air bubbles out
  • Put the lid of the tank back on
  • Plug in
  • Switch on 


Our Guarantee 

We stand by our Jellyfish Lamp and know you or the person you are buying it for will love it. Many products make claims but have nothing to back it and offer no refunds. We are very confident you will enjoy your experience with our product and have no problem providing a 30 day money back guarantee!


Please contact us if you need assistance. We have a dedicated customer support team available via Email. 


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