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Pooper Scooper Pro™

Pooper Scooper Pro™

Pooper Scooper Pro™

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Introducing the Pooper Scooper Pro™

This item is a must have for every dog parent!

No more squishy feeling when using your hands around a packet to pick up poop while taking your dogs for walks! Now you can look like a prepared, pro dog Dad/Mom. 

After you have picked up the poop, simply slide the packet back over the scooper and the waste will be in the bag ready for disposal.



Being a dog parent is a lot of fun

However, cleaning after your dog is not fun. That is why we invented this Pooper scooper Pro. Your kids will love using it too! Designed for easy, one-handed pick-ups on all surfaces. Makes cleanup quick, easy, and sanitary. Pick up waste easily with the one-handed Pooper Scooper Pro. Lightweight, environmental, convenient and easy to store. The healthier and more convenient way for pet poop disposal. With a handle, convenient to use. Available in 2 sizes. 

🐶Affordable: Cheap alternative to using your hands!

🐶Convenient: Built in waste bag compartment so everything you need is kept together.

🐶It has a carabiner clip so you can clip it on to anything for ease of use/transport. You can hook it onto the leash so you never forget it.

🐶Effective: Remove dog poop from any surface


The scooper comes with 1 role of biodegradable waste bags (15peice).



What size should I get for my dog?
We recommend a medium-sized scooper for dogs that weigh less than 50 lbs(22kg), and a large scooper for dogs 50 lbs(22kg) and up.
Does the scooper come with bags? 
Yes, it includes 1 roll containing 15 waste bags per scooper.
Can I use my own bag? 
Yes, but we recommend using our bag. It fits perfectly! Just be sure to pick the matching size for your scooper when purchasing our bags.

Please contact us if you need assistance. We have a dedicated customer support team available via Email. 


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Customer Reviews

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Отличный совок. Всё как ожидала. По сравнению с другими совками, он маленький. Его можно носить в сумке. Очень удобно. Для маленьких и средних пород подойдёт идеально. Спасибо производителю и магазину за быструю доставку.


Excellent product and very fast shipping from Spain (7 days with a weekend in between).


Larger than i think, but it’s a great and useful product!:)


Essential to recharge the device.


Super pratique pour ramasser les déjections.

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