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EasySlide, Furniture Protection Covers

EasySlide, Furniture Protection Covers

EasySlide, Furniture Protection Covers

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 Best Furniture Protection

 Say goodbye to scratches, marks and damage to your floor!

Say goodbye to that terrible screeching noise you hear when people push their chair in or move furniture. Move furniture with ease with these silicon foot protectors. With a felt bottom it makes it easy to move furniture around without having to lift it up or without it leaving marks and damaging your floor and without the noise.

These covers can fit over any shaped furniture legs

Use them for any piece of furniture you may have. The elastic tension of the silicon makes these covers suitable for various shapes of furniture legs. Protect your floors and furniture. Designed to last.


  • Protects both your furniture and your floor from damage. The anti-slip bottom felt pad prevents scratches and noise without leaving marks.

  • Great fit: Because of the elasticity of the silicon the covers give a snug, tight fit on your furniture making them fasten well.
  • Your chairs will glide smoothly across your tile/ wood/ carpet/ vinyl floor without scratches or harsh noise.

  • Material: Durable soft Silicon, Non-toxic
  • Fits many kinds of furniture feet: Dinning Room Chair, Bar Stool, Patio Chair, Kitchen Chair, Metal Bistro Chair, Desk Chair, etc.
  • The Simplistic Design will blend in in any interior home design.




Square Legs: Square chair legs of up to around 5.5 inches in perimeter. 

Round Legs: Round chair legs of up to around 1.77 inches in diameter. 


Square Legs: Square chair legs of up to around in 3.47 perimeter.

Round Legs: Round chair legs of up to around 1.18 inches in diameter.

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