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Cat Ball Buddy™

Cat Ball Buddy™

Cat Ball Buddy™

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Spoil your furry child with their very own Ball Buddy!

This interactive toy makes sounds when moved so every time your kitty gives it a wallop the toy makes a noise.
The ball simulates the sound of three different animals of choice to bring out your cats playful inner hunter. 
  • Blue-frog 
  • Yellow - Cricket
  • Pink - Bird

Smart Tap Trigger

The Cat Ball Buddy has a built-in high-sensitivity sounder. As long as the cat's paw slightly touches the ball, it will make a sound. The toys funny animal sounds will stop boredom and increase your cat's activity. Sit and watch your playful kitty go!

No more bored cats getting up to mischief and clawing holes into your couches!

  • Keep your friend fit and healthy
  • Let your furry friend have fun at home while you are out having fun!
  • Stops boredom and animal depression 
  • Spoil your animal, Cats love it

Catnip Can Be Added!

If the exciting sounds aren't enough on their own open the lid, you can add catnip to the ball! Watch as your furry child enjoys its new favorite toy. Encourage exercise and stimulate thinking. A happy kitty equals a healthy kitty!



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